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This page is designed to tell you all that you need to know about the best iPhone and iPod Touch apps available. The latest must-have apps will be added as they are discovered, and apps that I have rated 9/10 or higher will always be added to this list. And if you don’t want to just trust my judgement about which apps are best, I’ve even provided links to the ‘best apps’ lists of other websites!

Pigs in Trees - BEST APPS

Pigs in Trees – BEST APPS

By Oliver Stockley | Best Apps

Pigs In Trees (69p/$0.99) by Tactile Entertainment Review Extract: “Apple enjoy reminding us that there’s an app for just about everything. My immediate reaction? “Sure, whatever. I bet pigs can fly, too.” Well, apparently they can… sort of, anyway. ‘There’s an app for that’, and it’s called Pigs in Trees. In it, a fighter pilot pig doesn’t just fly – he flies in style, engaging in aerial combat with swarms [&hellip

Joining Hands - BEST APPS

Joining Hands – BEST APPS

By Oliver Stockley | Best Apps

Joining Hands (£1.99/$2.99) by 10Tons Ltd Review Extract: “In the UK, riots are dominating the headlines. Shops have been turned inside out, their entrails left scattered across the streets. Here to help remind those who looted iPhones of the advantages of everyone just getting along is a puzzle game from 10tons, Joining Hands ($2.99/£1.99). Ironically, the game is a riot to play. The app challenges you to place ultra-cute Peablins [&hellip

Cut The Rope: Experiments – BEST APPS

By Oliver Stockley | Best Apps

Cut the Rope: Experiments (69p/$0.99) by ZeptoLab Review Extract: “App store apps are always hard to place a price on. In most other marketplaces, games that retail for the same price would be expected to have a similar amount of content, or provide the same level of value. In the app store, prices are so ridiculously low that these expectations are frequently shown to be impossible to meet. Cut the [&hellip

Groove Coaster – BEST APPS

By Oliver Stockley | Best Apps

Groove Coaster (£1.99/$2.99) by TAITO Review Extract: “Groove Coaster is possibly my favourite music game on the app store. It takes the expected devices of the music genre, and makes them fun again. Really, stupidly fun. As music plays, you tap the screen to hit notes that correspond to the song, earning you ‘groove’. You need a certain amount of groove to complete each level. The twist is, you’re literally [&hellip

Pix’n Love Rush – BEST APPS

By Oliver Stockley | Best Apps

Pix’n Love Rush (69p/99 cents) by Bulkypix Review Extract: “Pix’n Love Rush may well be my favourite iOS game. I downloaded the retro platformer when it was first released, and I’m nowhere near bored of it more than a year later. You play as Pix’ the cat, the cheeky pixely mammal in the app’s icon. The game includes a massive amount of content in the form of three entirely different [&hellip



By Oliver Stockley | Best Apps

ZOOKEEPER DX Touch Edition (£1.49/$1.99) by Kiteretsu What is ZOOKEEPER DX Touch Edition? Match-three puzzlers aren’t exactly uncommon in the App Store. They tend to lack originality but somehow hold an addicting edge. Zookeeper DX Touch Edition fits this description perfectly. The app tasks you with capturing zoo animals by lining up three or more of the same kind horizontally or vertically. At each level, you are assigned certain numbers [&hellip

Peggle - BEST APPS

Peggle – BEST APPS

By Oliver Stockley | Best Apps

Peggle (£1.99/$2.99) by PopCap Games What is Peggle? There’s no sound quite as satisfying as the playful ping of pachinko-like Peggle’s ball as it tumbles and bounds about a field of pegs and bricks. You control a cannon on the top of the screen, aiming the ball at the pegs so that it’ll bounce about the playing field hitting as many orange pegs as possible. Clearing all orange pegs is [&hellip

Amazing Breaker – BEST APPS

By Oliver Stockley | Best Apps

Amazing Breaker (69p/99 cents) by Dekovir Review Extract: “Amazing Breaker is outstanding, there’s no doubting it. Even if you don’t read the rest of this review, I’ll tell you right now: you should buy this game. No, you need to buy this game. The concept of the app is immediately accessible. You’re required to smash ice sculptures by flinging bombs at them. You have four different bomb types to play [&hellip

Mr Ninja - BEST APPS

Mr Ninja – BEST APPS

By Oliver Stockley | Best Apps

Mr.Ninja (free!) by PONOS Corp. Review Extract: “Mr.Ninja (free) is Ponos’ third game in their “Mr.” Series. The previous games in the series, Mr. AahH!! and Mr. Space!!, only had one thing in common: their undeniable addictiveness. Mr. Ninja continues the trend, improving upon the two former games through a simply brilliant game mechanic. You play a small-bodied ninja with a pumpkin sized head, leaping between rotating circular platforms with [&hellip

Doodle Fit - BEST APPS

Doodle Fit – BEST APPS

By Oliver Stockley | Best Apps

Doodle Fit (59p/99 cents) by Gamelion Studios Review Extract: Doodle Fit by Gamelion Studios embodies perfectly the frustration and satisfaction that I feel when packing bags for a holiday. Whenever I’m going away, I pile up my clothes, books, toothbrush and more on my bed, but they never fit in the damn bag. I spend hours trying to slot items together until I can eventually force the bag zip closed. [&hellip

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