Ultimate List of Free iPhone App Review Sites

By Oliver Stockley • Developer Resources, Resources • 28 Sep 2011


I’m hoping to add the following features to this list in future updates:

  • categorise sites so that it’s easy to find more specialist sites
  • add other promotional sites (app giveaway sites etc)
  • add links to marketing tips/suggestions/forums/helpful resources
  • add contents/pagination to the list

If you can think of anything else I that might be wise to add, or any sites or resources that I could list, please let me know!

Here’s an enormous list of iPhone App Review sites that app developers can submit their apps to for the low price of free. I hope the list is useful to every developer that comes across it. If you do find it useful, it’d be great if you could link other developers to it so that they can benefit from it too! As a little bonus, I’ve added a special ‘kids app review sites’ section to the bottom of the list, ideal for developers that have made apps aimed at children. I’ll try to add more sections like this in the future.

Clicking on the title of a website in the list will take you straight to the contact page for the site. I’ve included any necessary contact details so that you can easily access the app submission details for a whole load of sites without having to visit each one individually. The sites are ordered according to their Alexa ranking – the lower the ranking, the higher the site is on the list. Before you submit your app to any sites, I recommend that you read this article from Mobile Orchard.

If you have any suggestions for the list, please add them to the comments!

(Note: A less up to date version of this list can be found on Squidoo.com)

Review Sites To Submit Your App To For Free:

  • IGN

    Alexa rank: 296
    Submit via on-site form

  • Joystiq

    Alexa rank: 1,888
    Submit via on-site form

  • Macworld

    Alexa rank: 1,912
    Submit via on-site form

  • TUAW

    Alexa rank: 4,397
    Submit via on-site form

  • Eurogamer

    Alexa rank: 4,469
    Submit via on-site form

  • TiPb

    Alexa rank: 5,157
    email: iosapps@tipb.com

  • Cult of Mac

    Alexa rank: 5,548
    email: news@cultofmac.com

  • Touch Arcade

    Alexa rank: 5,770
    email: tips@toucharcade.com

  • iLounge

    Alexa rank: 7,675
    Submit via on-site form

  • App Advice

    Alexa rank: 9,095
    email: devcontact@appadvice.com

  • Gamezebo

    Alexa rank: 10,252
    Submit via on-site form

  • iFans

    Alexa rank: 11,968
    email: bgizzle@ifans.com

  • 148 Apps

    Alexa rank: 14,810
    email: review.monkey@148apps.com

  • App Gamer

    Alexa rank: 17,155
    email: paul@appgamer.net OR christh@appgamer.net

  • Pocket Gamer

    Alexa rank: 20,078
    email: reviews@pocketgamer.co.uk

  • Feed My App

    Alexa rank: 33,986
    Submit via on-site form

  • iPhone Life

    Alexa rank: 43,433
    email: iphone-press@iphonelife.com

  • Macgasm

    Alexa rank: 62,076
    Submit via on-site form

  • App Spy

    Alexa rank: 62,430
    Submit via on-site form

  • iSource

    Alexa rank: 63,945
    email: press@isource.com

  • App Safari

    Alexa rank: 70,737
    Submit via on-site form

  • App Craver

    Alexa rank: 96,119
    Submit via on-site form

  • The APPera

    Alexa rank: 100,310
    email: james@theappera.com

  • RazorianFly

    Alexa rank: 103,115
    Submit via on-site form

  • iPhone Alley

    Alexa rank: 109,360
    Submit via on-site form (bottom right of the page)

  • AppModo

    Alexa rank: 133,720
    email: reviews@appmodo.com

  • Tapscape

    Alexa rank: 139,789
    email: contact@tapscape.com

  • iFanZine

    Alexa rank: 142,693
    email: ifanzine@gmail.com

  • TouchMyApps

    Alexa rank: 157,192
    email: info@touchmyapps.com OR submit via on-site form

  • Modojo

    Alexa rank: 172,195
    email: edit@modojo.com

  • MacApper

    Alexa rank: 175,136
    Submit via on-site form

  • DIY Gamer

    Alexa rank: 217,622
    email: press@diygamer.com

  • Smokin Apps

    Alexa rank: 241,032
    Submit via on-site form

  • iTracki

    Alexa rank: 280,662
    Submit via on-site form

  • SlapApp

    Alexa rank: 283,652
    Submit via on-site form

  • My Mac

    Alexa rank: 313,560
    Submit via on-site form

  • App Smile

    Alexa rank: 321,122
    Submit via on-site form

  • AppAddict

    Alexa rank: 322,561
    Submit via on-site form

  • App Picker

    Alexa rank: 338,090
    Submit via on-site form

  • AppChatter

    Alexa rank: 399,246
    Submit via on-site form

  • No Dpad

    Alexa rank: 417,379
    email: see website (different for different devices)

  • App Store Arcade

    Alexa rank: 477,355
    email: appstorearcade@gmail.com (add ‘review’ to subject line)

  • Nine Over Ten

    Alexa rank: 495,187
    email: jason.lee@nineoverten.com

  • AppShrink

    Alexa rank: 498,735
    Submit via on-site form

  • WireBot

    Alexa rank: 556,939
    Submit via on-site form

  • AltiApp

    Alexa Rank: 632,126 (not currently posting reviews, although I still check emails)
    email: submit@altiapp.com

  • Appyzilla

    Alexa rank: 646,135
    Submit via on-site form

  • Touchaholics

    Alexa rank: 646,501
    email: connect@touchaholics.com (do NOT include promo codes)

  • TouchGen

    Alexa rank: 647,134
    email: reviews@touchgen.com

  • iView Apps

    Alexa rank: 780,129
    submit via on-site form

  • iPwnGames

    Alexa rank: 814,686
    email: info@ipwngames.com

  • Enoda

    Alexa rank: 922,824
    submit via on-site form

  • Tap Critic

    Alexa rank: 1,031,941
    Submit via on-site form

  • Appversity

    Alexa rank: 1,057,155
    see site for submission details (quite a long way down the page)

  • Touch Archive

    Alexa rank: 1,062,142
    email: peter.astakov@gmail.com

  • Appsized

    Alexa rank: 1,107,479
    submit via on-site form

  • AppVader

    Alexa rank: 1,267,419
    See website for submission details

  • Deviceopia

    Alexa rank: 1,543,328
    email: theiphonewebsite@gmail.com

  • Appzilla

    Alexa rank: 1,608,499
    email: reviewme@appzilla.co.uk

  • The App Goddess

    Alexa rank: 1,668,112
    email: theappgoddess@gmail.com (put ‘review my app’ in the subject line)

  • iGame Radio

    Alexa rank: 1,731,232
    email: info@igameradio.com

  • AppScout (PCMag.com)

    Alexa rank: 1,833,082
    No submission details found (let me know if you spot them!)

  • iTito Themes

    Alexa rank: 1,927,732
    submit via on-site form

  • iPhone Tiny

    Alexa rank: 2,556,098
    email: craiggrannell@googlemail.com

  • Arcade Life

    Alexa rank: 2,582,105
    email: arcadelife@planetshooter.com

  • Appa Snap

    Alexa rank: 2,642,817
    Submit via on-site form

  • To Do More

    Alexa rank: 3,005,068
    email: admin@todomore.com

  • App Theater

    Alexa rank: 4,344,988
    Submit via on-site form

  • Shine App

    Alexa rank: 13,057,205
    Submit via on-site form

Kids/Education App Review Sites

  • iKid Apps

    Alexa rank: 148,466
    see site for submission details

  • Giggle Apps

    Alexa Rank: 289,469
    submit via on-site form

  • Apps4Kids

    Alexa rank: 432,414
    submit via on-site form

  • The iMum

    Alexa rank: 444,374
    See site for submission details

Miscellaneous Promotional Sites

  • App Shopper

    Alexa rank: 4,941
    app directory (follow link for more information)

Alexa ratings are correct as of: 23rd December 2011

This isn’t the only list of app review sites list available – if this one’s out of date, or you don’t like how it’s formatted, there are also lists here and here. If you notice that this list is missing any sites, please let me know!

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  • James Andrew

    Wow.. Amazing list , Thanks for sharing :)
    here you can find one more site http://bit.ly/guQOSj. I have seen some comprehensive reviews of all latest iPhone apps.

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      Thanks! I’ve added the site to the list :)

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      Thanks! I’ve added the site to the list :)

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      Thanks! I’ve added the site to the list :)

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      Thanks! I’ve added the site to the list :)

      • siva admin

        Oliver, we review apps related to Education
        Name; Technology in (spl) EducationURL; http://techinspecialed.com

        • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

          Thanks, I’ll take a look when I next update the list.

          • Rfcomputers

            Oliver what about Apple World Today?


          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Muhammad-Binsajid/100003807334704 Muhammad Binsajid

            RFcomputers nice cool site?


          • Rfcomputers

            It is.

  • Tanu Kush

    Very helpful list for any developer.Thanks for the good work.

    i think Touch Arcade missing in the list.

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      It is indeed! I don’t know how I missed them off. Thanks a lot, I’ll update it now.

  • Gregoire d’Aboville

    Hi Oliver,

    thanks for this list!
    Maybe you could add: http://applenapps.com / http://www.modojo.com / http://appaddict.net ?

    Keep up the good work :-)

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      Thanks :) I’ve added those sites to the list.

  • http://www.appgiveaway.com Al

    Hello Oliver,

    We are not a review website but we promote Apple apps in a different way, so do add http://www.appgiveaway.com to the list ;-)

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      Hi Al, thanks :) I’m hoping to add a few more sections for promotional sites, I’ll be sure to include App Giveaway when I do!

      • http://www.appgiveaway.com Al

        Thanks Oliver, and wish you all the best.

  • Malcolm Baker

    Hi Oliver – any chance you could add http://www.feedmyapp.com ? We have nearly 13,000 apps listed including around 400 for the I-Phone.

    We are new owners of this site and we intend to step on the gas in the coming months and will be adding hundreds more apps as well aas reviews etc.

    Appreciate your help.


    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      I’ll take a look :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Merket/136300045 Ryan Merket

    If you’re interested in running your own app review site, we are testing a white-label app review software at Appstores.com. Hit us up via e-mail and we’ll get you signed up: hello@appstores.com

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  • Appster

    Hey, please add http://www.i-am-appster.com where I promote Gamesalad games for IOS. Thanks.

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      Thanks, I’ll take a look :)

  • iPhoneGamerUK

    Please add my site mate,great list btw :)  http://iphonegameruk.co.uk/  Over 130 iOS Reviews,Indie friendly and FREE advertising for Indies :) Cheers.

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      Thanks, I’ll take a look :)

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  • Duwain Marnitz

    http://gametrender.net is slowly becoming very big-and looking for reviewers and putting the word out to developers if they want to be featured for free

  • Michael

    Can out add Naber Central? We are always looking for developers to submit their apps so we can review them!

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      I’ll take a look when I next update the list :)

    • http://www.erif.org/ Kaolin Fire

      dead domain =/ though not expired…. hmm. but bought most recently in April, which is before this was posted.

  • Anonymous


    Recently, Enoda have implemented a new review submission system, which I would like every submission to be using (it makes my life a lot easier). 

    If you could, it would be good if you could replace the email for Enoda (hello@enoda.a.co.uk) with the following URL: http://enoda.co.uk/submit-apps/ Plus, our Alexa ranking has gone down a bit too ;-)


    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley


      Thanks for letting me know, I’ve changed the submission details. I’ll be updating Alexa rankings etc at some point in the future too. :)

      • http://www.erif.org/ Kaolin Fire

        enoda.co.uk is down? registration expired December 2012.

  • http://twitter.com/bestappsforkids Lesley Taylor

    Thanks for including BestAppsForKids.com in your list. I would just add one more thing, for me it always helps if a developer follows up before the promo code expires.

  • http://twitter.com/NaberApps Naber Industries

    Can you add The Central App Review to your list?

    • http://www.AltiApp.com/ Oliver Stockley

      Thanks, I’ve added it :)

  • Adeiotsoubali

    just launched http://www.shineapp.com and looking for developers to review their apps but anyone can write his own review… it’s totaly free

  • http://marketing.comboapp.com/ ComboApp- Mobile App Marketing

    Thanks a lot for your hard work to compose the ultimate list! We’ve been working with the number of app review sites mentioned above and we can attest to their quality of work. Well done!

  • ColorEyeApps

    Please add my free app listing website – http://www.ColorEyeApps.com. The website allows developers to list their app for free, plus the option of pro listing that gets your app additional promotion through social networks. 

    • http://www.danijeljames.me/ Danijel James

      Uploaded my App to go on there for review!

  • Matt Kamp

    I just found this amazing post….thank you for pulling this list together!! As an iPhone game developer myself, I have been trying to find the best sites to submit my apps for reviews.  This is extremely helpful!

    Matt Kamp

  • Appfoam

    Can you add AppFoam to the list? http://www.appfoam.com/

  • Appsontapp

    Don’t forget to check out our new app review website: Apps On Tapp http://www.appsontapp.com/

    • http://www.erif.org/ Kaolin Fire

      AppsOnTapp rocks =) // thanks for the review of TumbleDots =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.gummi.7 Justin Gummi

    Can you add http://www.gnomeescape.com to the list? All reviews are done at no cost.

  • http://twitter.com/66sheeps Electric Sheeps

    You may wish to have a look at http://www.appysmarts.com/ (apps for kids)

  • Stacey Purdy

    New app review site already getting great visitor stats for only a week old.  Check it out for inclusion on the list please.


  • Letmeinherenow2

    Great site!  Us developers need all the help we can get to exposure to the market.

    Also check out Shout Outz in the App Store:  http://itunes.apple.com/app/shout-outz/id524860877?mt=8

  • Stacey Purdy

    What’s That App is a fairly new app review site getting some good visits so far. All reviews are done free with a promo code to cover app cost. Love reviewing toddler apps but will review almost anything. Nothing profane please. http://whatsthatapp.blogspot.com

  • http://www.webapprater.com/ Mike

    Nice list… Still I would like to add  http://www.apps400.comhttp://www.apps4review.com and http://appsmirror.com

  • Johnnymack

    iphoneappreviewguy.com has free and paid reviews

  • Steve

    Could you add http://www.appbreakthrough.com to you list. You can submit you apps for free so other users can review them. Also provides a link to you app store

  • http://twitter.com/ahmedkabir31 Syed Ahmed Kabir

    Two gr8 iPhone/iPad apps are . . . 

    Voice Notes by Nexscience LLc.

    Document Manager by Irfan Farooqi

    Share them freely . . .  via Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Flickr

    • http://twitter.com/ahmedkabir31 Syed Ahmed Kabir

      another one is Adhan Clock and Qibla Finder 

      Adhan Clock & Qibla Finder (Islam Quran Hadith)By Irfan FarooqiDescriptionThis application turns your iPhone or iPod into a beautiful islamic alarm clock that plays adhans at their respective times even when the app is not running and your screen is off. It also provide an accurate GPS based Qibla direction finder that automatically finds the direction of ka’aba no matter where in the world you are. The application also provides the most up-to-date weather information about your city.

  • Itransulater

    http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speak-it/id545912848?ls=1&mt=8Speak it speaks out the contents of your emails, tweets and facebook feed.
    Have it read to you while you are on the road or are otherwise busy.

    Speak it gives you full control. You determine which accounts you
    want read out to you, how many items, and how fast the speech should be.

    Speak it remembers your login details so you only have to login to your accounts once,
    and you can hear Speak it read out the contents of your email box,
    facebook or twitter feed whenever you want.

    Speak it also allows you to enter free text, either by typing it or copy/paste
    from any other application. So you can basically speak out any text you want.http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speak-it/id545912848?ls=1&mt=8

  • Apps Happens

    Here’s another good app review site that developers can submit too. Can you add it to the list please. http://AppsHappens.com

  • Andra

     Hi, take a look at http://www.AppSRooster.com/group-list/app-reviews/
    It is new App Video Reviews Channel with daily and weekly shows about apps and apps world news. It is fresh approach to app reviews.
    If you have new app Tip Us http://appsrooster.com/tip-us/

  • http://www.facebook.com/AndPejic Andreja Pejic

     Hi, take a look at http://www.AppSRooster.com/group-list/app-reviews/
    It is new App Video Reviews Channel with daily and weekly shows about apps and apps world news. It is fresh approach to app reviews.
    If you have new app – Tip Us http://appsrooster.com/tip-us/


  • IGR

    Actually Indie Game Reviewer has an Alexa rank of 300K, not 600 :)

  • Patrick

    Thanks for that list! I’ve send just about 15 review requests and already got few positive responses!
    Free puzzle game Space Connection: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/space-connection-academy/id575126038

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Subash-Thomas/790424740 Subash Thomas

    Two productivity apps to check out Things  and Buddy Bird ToDo. https://itunes.apple.com/app/buddy-bird-todo/id558496524?ls=1&mt=8

  • http://twitter.com/AppChaps AppChaps

    Alley Art : Latest app under Productivity  - Create beautiful geometric paintings on your iOS device : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/alley-art/id584562678?ls=1&mt=8

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000328320328 Ponivesc Andrei

    Another great one is http://www.BriefApps.com 

  • Giannis R

    Great List! Another one i found and they game my app a review is http://www.apptiled.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.dumphey George Dumphey

    Also, check this one out http://www.appyreviews.com

  • Frank

    I’ve send just about 10 review requests and already got few positive responses. Great. Free games: Cold Killer & iShut the Gate: https://itunes.apple.com/app/ishut-the-gate/id537615374?mt=8&uo=4 and http://itunes.apple.com/app/cold-killer/id581659351?mt=8

  • Robert Johnson

    Also I would like to suggest here The Free App Library http://FreeAppRary.com it is a app Library aiming to list as many apps as possible in the database for all app stores and platforms. Also, they can review your app if it is good enough to be reviewed.

  • Kathrina Geers

    http://arkhusolutions provides all kinds of app marketing solutions if any one is interested. The service also includes guranteed reviews in app review sites.

  • http://iPhonage.com/ joshua logan

    could you please add http://iphonage.com.
    Recently we have been reviewing lots of Games/Apps. Our reviews for Avatron Air Display is soon going to be on their press section. We are on their blog for Phoneplus App. Krome case review is about to be published in couple of day. Check in Google “Nameless hackers” and our review shows up

  • Tapzone

    Could you add our site to your list : http://www.tapzone.info ?

    Tapzone has both iOS & Android featured and focuses on everything mobile gaming related.

  • David

    Appseeq (www.appseeq.com) is a free app directory that’s worth a look.
    Quick submit form is at http://www.appseeq.com/submitapp_guest.php

  • Driver

    IMHO best way to promote your app is to use all kind of videos. AppsRooster is one of the best productions you can get http://www.appsrooster.com

  • http://topbestfreeapps.com/ Ehsan

    I would like to add 1 more important app review websites that is http://appsintally.com/.

    You can submit your app review on AppsinTally.com here http://appsintally.com/submit-app-review/


  • Maria Monti

    Kids Learning Kit is also having great reviews on iPhone/iPad Kids Apps. http://www.kidslearningkit.com will definitely fulfill the top chart requirements.

    • http://comboapp.com/ ComboApp- Mobile App Marketing

      Thanks for the hint, Maria!

  • Vitaly Prokhorov

    Can you add russian site gamelook.ru ? We are newly created blog (starteg in the end of Sept13), but we have a good team and ready to make a review of your app. Contact us by email admin @ gamelook.ru

  • http://www.jerkstudio.com/ Jerk Sam
  • John Kim
  • Eston Swaby

    Hey love your list. I have just release my first app. Please take a look at it https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/famous-people-quiz-best-free/id870262906?mt=8

  • Justin Cook

    I Found iosappspy.com Also Best Review Submission Portal its 100% FREE

  • Justin Cook

    I Found iosappspy.com also best review submission portal its 100% FREE

    • http://Google.com Jagdeep Sharma

      Justin Thnx For sharing :)

  • http://mrfly.blogspot.com Anthony

    Awesome list its help me alot so thank u so much….!!!!

  • http://www.jacobspaulen.com Jacob Paulsen

    I’m a member of the editorial team at http://www.iphonesocialmedia.com. Developers can submit their apps for review for free at http://www.iphonesocialmedia.com/about-2/suggest-content

  • http://www.destinyguides.net DestinyGuides

    I have an very addicting app in the app store. The name of the app is Tap The Tint.

    The app can be found here:


  • Christmas Greeting

    Hello Friends, now this Christmas send your secret santa to your loved once and wish them merry christmas with bundle of joy and surprises…
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