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By Oliver Stockley • Best Apps • 27 Jul 2011

Pix’n Love Rush (69p/99 cents) by Bulkypix

Review Extract:

Pix’n Love Rush may well be my favourite iOS game. I downloaded the retro platformer when it was first released, and I’m nowhere near bored of it more than a year later.

You play as Pix’ the cat, the cheeky pixely mammal in the app’s icon. The game includes a massive amount of content in the form of three entirely different game modes, with another to be delivered imminently via a free update. The meatiest mode content-wise is ‘Classic Rush’. Playing through stages that change every ten seconds or so, you need to collect plus signs. Collect enough and the art style of the game changes; from Virtual Boy to Gameboy and more. Wandering through these stunning art styles as a reward for doing well is a brilliant incentive to play the mode, whilst the constant shifting of levels keeps things fresh. If you collect a minus sign or hit an enemy, you return to the previous art style. Losing too much health means that it’s game over. The mode is controlled through on-screen controls…”

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‘Rainbow Mode’ Gameplay Video:

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Pix'n Love Rush - Bulkypix


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